Cover and spot illustrations for the Nashville Scene's Annual "You Are So Nashville If" issue. Every year, the Scene takes submissions of clever puns relating to Nashville's social and cultural state. The winning submissions are all illustrated, the grand prize winner being on the cover. 

Art Direction: Elizabeth Orr Jones

Cover featuring Bob Mueller, long time anchor of Nashville's Channel 2 News, having his iconic mustache removed to make space for a high- rise. As I type this, there are fourteen cranes in my office view. 

Spot illustrations. You Are So Nashville if:

• You're concerned that the city has just become a giant bachelorette party.

• You heard the proposed swinger's club in Madison became a church. This week's Bible study will be delving into 1st and 2nd Peter.

• As the next mayor, you'll fix our city's mass transit problem by adding more pedal taverns.

•  You want to share a pitcher with the person that writes the TDOT signs.

• Dave Cobb (big time record producer) is your write-in candidate for mayor.